Got Lemurians?

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Some of you may know, we are "small kine" obsessed with Lemurians! ;)
As always, we honor the individual relationships we have to all sacred crystal companions but Lemurians have always remained near & dear to our hearts. We believe that Lemurians are a connection to nature and to ourselves. Reminding us of our connection to our ancestors and our families. This energy invites us to open our hearts and heal. As a result of this healing and unconditional love we can then truly bask in the oneness that exists within this beautiful journey we call, our life experience. 

We invite you to explore our handcrafted collection of Lemurians & identify which ones are most resonant to you, asking for the companionship & unconditional love that these beloved Lemurians will endlessly exude.

Check out a quick summary of how we utilize our specialty collection of Lemurians below! 
  • Giant Lemurians - propels & amplifies energy work
  • Phantom Lemurians - invites divine balance & contributes to raising the collective consciousness
  • Rose Lemurians - radiates unconditional, universal cosmic love; reminds us of power of the Divine Feminine
  • Rutile Lemurians - clears energy blockages & attunes us to our divine purpose.
  • Shamanic Lemurians - invites us to integrate our shadows in healthy & honest ways in pursuit of true balance
  • Smoky Lemurians - reminds us to honor our physical life experience by remaining in joy; enhances peace & contentment 
  • Snow Rose Lemurians - potent divine feminine activator; invites us to celebrate seasons & cycles of life
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