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meet the GIANTs

All of our Lemurians have been cleansed and connected to Mother Land before they depart for their new adventure.

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The peaceful ocean-blue of Larimar can promote calm, may stimulate emotional healing, and can relieve stress and anxiety.

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Check out our tektite and pseudo-tektite collection !

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immerse yourself in a magical universe

Lodolite Quartz is said to be a very lucky stone that can also aid in manifesting an abundance of health, wealth, and joy.

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crystal water bottles!

These divine water bottles have a customizable chamber that can be filled with crystals, crystal chips, herbs, or any other item you can imagine! The items in the chamber then imbue and charge your water with their Mana and Magic!

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It is known as the grief stone and the stone of compassion, unconditional love, emotional healing and expansion.

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This Lemuria crystal travel pouch is perfect for taking your crystal companions on the go with you!

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A Story of Spiritual Awakening

In this book, Celeste explains in-depth how she experiences Lemuria in her visions and how we can bring this wisdom into today’s world

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Lemuria Crystal Water Bottle with Crystal Chamber!
Lemuria Crystal Water Bottle with Crystal Chamber!
Lemuria Crystal Water Bottle with Crystal Chamber!
Lemuria Crystal Water Bottle with Crystal Chamber!
Lemuria Crystal Water Bottle with Crystal Chamber!
Lemuria Crystal Water Bottle with Crystal Chamber!

Lemuria Crystal Water Bottle with Crystal Chamber!

This glass water bottle has two chambers! The larger chamber holds your drinking water, and the smaller chamber holds crystals to charge your water! 

You can change out the crystal chamber with whatever crystals you'd like, imbuing your drinking water with their energy. 

Each water bottle comes with a water bottle carrying sleeve, as well as the mini, tumbled crystals of your choice to fill your crystal chamber!

Feel free to purchase more mini tumbled crystals for more variety, or use your current crystal friends to fill the crystal chamber and charge your water!

Hey UK, Japan & Canada

We're happy to announce we now ship our beautiful crystals your way!


Humbly providing our community with a large variety of beautiful crystals, high vibrational sound tools and deep transformational classes/workshops. Visit any of our 2 shops on O'ahu and our sound temple in Hale'iwa.

Let the crystals make a huge impact in your life!  Much love & Aloha

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What our Customers are saying !

"This is where I will recommend anyone to go to for happy cared for crystals at a fair price. They even have special stones you may not find anywhere else in the world. They are big hearted people with a love for and knowledge of everything relating to crystals. Go here and follow your childlike sense to find what wants to come home with you." Alysia T.

What our Customers are saying !

"A nice shop owned by a lovely husband and wife.  They have such a variety of crystals to choose from at an affordable price.  Walked in an immediately felt relaxed and like I was meant to be here.  Made a few purchases and very excited to bring them home."   Colette S.

What our Customers are saying !

"We travel back and forth between San Francisco and Oahu . With all the crystal shops in San Francisco we still feel that Lemuria is the best and we make it a point to come here for our crystals and for items we use with our reiki practice  . They are really friendly and enthusiastic and most importantly, not condescending at all - no question is silly !"  Ina D.

What our Customers are saying !

"Definitely one of the very best crystal shops in Hawaii! Absolutely fantastic, would highly recommend. The owners are super awesome, too. Very kind, down to earth and friendly. I went to their Grand Opening event which was amazing and had a great turn out. I've gone to this store quite a few times with my friends, mom and auntie. One of my favorite spots for sure."  Sarah M.

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Phone  +1 (808) 729-0804


315 Uluniu St suite 101, Kailua, HI 96734

Hours  Monday-Friday: 10-6, Saturday 9-6, Sunday: 9-4 

Phone: +1 (808) 492-9467


227 Lewers st #107, Honolulu, HI, 96815

Hours: everyday 9am-10pm

Phone: +1(808)373-6032

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Meet Maru and her watercolors

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