Trolleite Crystal #84
Trolleite Crystal #84
Trolleite Crystal #84

Trolleite Crystal #84


Trolleite can be a good companion for manifestation, and it is known for helping to “light” one’s path for their Soul’s growth and evolution. By releasing that which no longer serves us, we can continue our ascension journey more easily, and trolleite can help!

Trolleite can assist in helping one release negative, fearful, and old energy that may be holding you back from your highest good and potential. This stone can also promote enlightenment; can bring about exciting change; may help create opportunities to learn; can impart strength; and can promote a more peaceful and accepting way of being and understanding.

Trolleite can also assist one in connecting with their Higher Selves, Guides, as well as to one’s past life times. 

CHAKRAS: Throat, Crown

Specifications: crystal formations included on this piece:

• perfect sized palm stone
• soft marble white sand on one side
• potent blue portal top corner
• oval center frame

All of our crystals have been cleansed and connected to Mother Land before they depart for their new adventures!

This information is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical.