Diamond Face Lemurian

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What happens within your body when you hear the phrase, “inner work?” If you’re anything like us, a spike of energy may rush through you. Don’t worry, it’s normal. The westernized perception of “inner work” has been misconstrued to be a very scary, daunting pursuit. Rest assured, the Diamond Face Lemurian crystal is here to help! 


This crystal is all about pursuing inner work, the diamond face mirror is said to provide a reflection of the self. Inviting the receiver access of our true essence and providing the space to understand who we actually are.


Some may say this Lemurian is a commitment to self healing. Soul sister Jazmin shares, “when I took the time to actually sit down and hone in on the vibration of the diamond face lemurian it felt like time slowed down. I was invited to become aware of what I had been housing within me that I did not want to face prior.” Oftentimes, the Diamond Face Lemurian is seen as a great companion when moving through the minutiae of life because these crystals can spark surges of joy and help us remember to stay in constant pursuit of taking care of ourselves. 


We encourage those who are keepers of the diamond face lemurian to build a relationship with this crystal as if it were a friend that is in constant support of mirroring you. Spend time in meditation, journaling, or even verbally expressing what it is you want to face with it. These practices  will allow you to fully integrate with this new companion and pursue your inner work with joy! 


With the utmost love we invite you to ponder and explore these sacred perceptions and messages. 

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Mahalo Nui Loa, 


The Lemurian 'Ohana

diamond face lemurian

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