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We've been aware of it our entire lives. We've watched it light up the night sky. Danced under it, kissed under it, been in awe of it. Tracked its month long cycle of 8 different phases for science class in elementary school. Learned that it orbits the Earth as the Earth orbits the Sun and that its gravitational pull controls the tides. We even know to watch out for werewolves when it's full...

Some lesser known facts about our Moon: 

If there were no artificial light women would menstruate during the New Moon and ovulate during the Full Moon. In astrology the Moon rules over things like women, goddesses, cycles, femininity, and emotions. It takes the Moon about 28 days to orbit and stays in each of the 12 signs of the zodiac for about 2-2.5 days. The Moon controls the tides; therefore the ebb and flow of our lives. Each phase illuminating something different for us to focus on.   

The New Moon is the start of a new cycle. It represents a clean slate. A new beginning. It is during this phase that we set our intentions and begin to manifest. This is the time to reconnect with the divine and tune into our higher selves for guidance. What seeds do you want to plant and what ideas do you want to grow?

Imagine sitting down to write out your intentions. We've all done it before; even if it's just once a year on January 1st. We feel energized and excited to set goals. Ready for a new year, a new us. We make commitments to ourselves and then by February or March that gung-ho attitude is nowhere to be found and we find ourselves sitting on the couch re-watching episodes of The Office thinking "I will get to (insert intention here) tomorrow"... 

Lucky for us, we have a New Moon every month. Wouldn't it make more sense to set intentions for 30 days based on the phases of the Moon than once a year on January 1st? Not to mention, as a woman, our body goes through a very similar cycle each month. It might not be synced with the moon phases, but it is a cycle that we are in tune with. 

Since the Moon rules over goddesses, it only makes sense for women to gather together during the time of the New Moon. Because when women come together  m a g i c  happens. Are you still wondering why all of our periods sync when we hang out with the same group of women? That's where our power lies. Our womb. Our connection to the divine. Where we have the potential to create  l i f e. We are energetic beings and when we gather to support and connect with one another, our power grows. Our webs intertwine and our intentions and ideas flourish. 

Here is an excerpt from my first moon circle...

"I was talking with a group of women I had just met for a yoga retreat. It was a cool October evening at Folly Beach and I could feel the energy swarming around the house like honey bees. Everyone was excited to be there and eager to begin. We were all anxiously awaiting whatever magic was to come that weekend. Evening fell into night and we made our way into a New Moon Sister Circle to set our intentions for the retreat and also to get to know each other. In the center of all of us there was a table filled with flowers, tarot cards, sage, candles, and crystals. The circle immediately calmed our honey bee vibes into a slow, intuitive energy. We listened to each other with the intent to understand and we let all of those emotions we constantly bury way deep, deep down flow. We were there for each other. No judgement, no competition. Our stories, no matter how different, were all intertwined. Engaging with these women empowered me. They made me feel like I could do anything, be anything. They made me feel worthy, respected, important. It felt like magic. "

"A circle of women with a mission, can save the world" -Beth Bornstein Dunnington

The first new moon of 2020 is on January 26. I encourage you all to take time that day to go over the intentions you set for 2020. Turn inward, meditate, and get clear about the things you want to manifest into your life. Get together with friends, create a sacred place, and talk about your dreams with each other. Speak your words into existence. There are all kinds of tools you can use to help you, including crystals! Another great tool for new moon rituals is journaling. Getting cozy with a hot cup of tea, your crystals, and a journal is a great way to get everything out of your head and onto paper so you can better envision the cycle ahead. 

At Lemuria, we created a kit designed specifically for New Moon Rituals: 

Sage bundle: Prepare for the New Moon by cleansing your space, self, and crystals to get centered and grounded. 

Selenite: Let selenite clarify your mind so you can set clear intentions for the moon cycle. 

Moonstone: This stone is perfect for the new moon because it represents new beginnings and connecting with the Divine Feminie. 

Clear quartz: An amplifier! Clear quartz amplifies intentions to help you gear up to turn your manifestations into reality.

Labradorite: A stone of magic and curiosity. If you are skeptical about manifesting, let this stone wash away your doubts and let it help you invite the magic of the moon into your life.

You should carry these stones with you throughout the moon cycle to remind you of the seeds you’ve planted. Let the stones be a constant reminder to keep you focused on your monthly goals. If your head gets fuzzy during the month with the million things on your to-do list, pull out the sage and selenite. If you get discouraged that things aren’t going your way, hold the labradorite and moonstone and let the beautiful flashes of color remind you of the magic that is all around you. If you get tired, throw the clear quartz in your pocket for an energy boost. And if things don’t work out exactly how you wanted them to this month, guess what? You can start all over with the next moon cycle! The moon has phases, just like us. Sometimes our darkest moments lead us to our biggest breakthroughs. 

Just keep ebbin and flowin with the tides and you’ll be just fine.



written by Ann Beverly

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