Awakening the Healer Within

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Has anyone ever told you that you're the Healer you've been waiting for?

Well, if not we're here to shower you in stardust with this exact truth!

Everyday, every breath, every touch YOU have the ability to serve as a healer for your own lived experience.

In support with the elements, great spirit, AND crystal mana we are gifted with an abundance of different tools to further our own AND humanity's healing. 

So... How are your crystal companions supporting you?

Well for starters, we believe crystals to be very high vibrational earth elements that your spirit can attune to. Always knowing that one must match these high vibrations and open yourself to interact with their energy. This divine discipline is essential in order to assist you in your awakening process. But ultimately those who are responsible for your healing and evolution is only Y - O - U. 

We reference crystals as companions simply because they won’t contribute their magic if you own the responsibility for yourself. Crystals can be great teachers and support systems but at the end of the day, they don’t work deeply if you don’t do your part. 

So what’s our suggestion?

- Don’t rely on external sources for your deep healing

- Consider crystals as your friends, your brothers, and sisters that can hold your hands through your healing path.

- Give them respect but own and respect your personal power too! 

- Work together with them instead of expecting results from simply owning crystals.

Walk the healing path along with your healing tools knowing that the healing comes from within.

We hope this entry arrived to you all in Divine Timing. As always we wish you happy healing! 

Photo by EdzNorton on Unsplash

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