Listening to YOUR Crystal Connection

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For some time now, we have been pondering this thought of humanity listening to their Crystal Connections.

So often people ask us to point out what crystals they "need", and every so often, we may be able to tap into your inuitive guidance system and point you in the right direction. However, this blog post is dedicated to inviting our Crystal 'Ohana to listen to the right Crystals Calling YOU.

Tuning into your body and tapping into your higher self will never lead you astray. We have spaces in each of our shops to stop, breathe, and check into what crystals are calling you. 

Co-founder, Emi shares, "I invite all of our customers to trust the guidance of their gut and/or solar plexus. Our team can always think of a specific crystal to share deeper insight on, but ultimately humanity has their own answer within." 

All humans connect to crystals differently. It's important to know that what we read about crystals is always someone else’s perceptions about them. What you read on our website is our own perception about them. Of quartz, some information within the collective understanding are conclusive guidance made from our collective perception... but know that this doesn’t mean it’s the ultimate truth for everyone. I strongly suggest you to create your own.

We invite you to lovingly receive the information you come across within crystal based knowledge should be received only as a reference point. The next time you're divinely guided to embrace a new crystal companion, pay close attention to your personal pull and impact from communing with it's energy.

Emi shares a personal reference to serve as an example on her unique relationship to a Crystal Fan Favorite, "I use natural Himalayan Citrine for cramps, it’s not written anywhere. One day I started having cramps and I looked at a beautiful citrine tumble I had and thought it could help me, I automatically tape it to my lower belly, and wow! It helped so much! I found out citrine supported me with pain and lower chakras unbalance in a way I would have known if I didn't trust my intuitive guidance with this powerful companion!" 

All in all, we extend a loving reminder to experiment & sit with your crystal companions, let them talk to you, create your own rituals and see what you receive out of this very unique relationship. No need to condition our practices by blindly following what others say about them, we are all gifted with our unique resonance with the divine. 

We’d love to hear your experiences!

As always, sending you all of our ALOHA. 

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