Garden Lemurian Quartz #1097
Garden Lemurian Quartz #1097
Garden Lemurian Quartz #1097
Garden Lemurian Quartz #1097

Garden Lemurian Quartz #1097


A whole Universe waits to be discovered inside this crystal! Garden Lemurians, also known as Lodolite Lemurians, are beautiful, powerful, and multidimensional crystals that hold the energy of both lodolite quartz and Lemurian quartz crystals! Garden Lemurians can assist keepers with manifesting their dreams and desires; may increase luck and joy; may increase dream lucidity; and may help with emotional healing and releasing. 

Garden Lemurians can help one let go of things that no longer serve them; can assist in releasing past life attachments; may help one be more aware of the higher dimensions; and can help protect against negative energy. They may also help with past life recall and may increase one’s sensitivity to energy. These versatile crystals also hold the Mana, wisdom, love, and consciousness of Lemuria, and they remind keepers of the power of grace and tranquility in times of great transition. 

CHAKRAS: Crown, Heart, Root

Crystal formations on this piece: 

  • twin!
  • plenty of manifestors!
  • lovely clarity!

All of our Lemurians have been cleansed and connected to Mother Land before they depart for their new adventure.

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This information is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical.