Crystal formation meanings


 Crystal formation perceptions: These are signature descriptions based on our own experience and perception, they can help you as a reference but we highly encourage you to connect with your crystals and generate your own perception about them.

1a) Diamond Face - This crystal is about inner work, the diamond face mirror provides a reflection of the self. By helping you receive your true essence, offering space to understand who you are and what your soul’s mission is. This lemurian operates in commitment to self healing
1b) Time Link - This extra face on the crystal can be helpful by enhancing your own intuition and has the potential to help access other timelines as well. This energy can be intertwined between past lives or interdimensional travel.

2a) Smoky tone invites you to download  knowledge from higher dimensions into your present reality.
2b) Pink tone: inspires a softening of the heart to support your soul expansion
2c) Lemon tone: motivates our words into action and manifest your wildest dreams
2d) Golden healer: represents inner manifestation, on a divine level.

3) Dolphin crystal (look for a smaller crystal that lays down on a side of the main point and it looks like a dolphin with its baby swimming on its side). This crystal is a loving guide that teaches you to enjoy the process of your own transformation and awakening. Dolphins are carriers of ancient lemurian knowledge and wisdom, they’re the living libraries of Lemuria. 

 4) Lemurian castles: (look for a couple of small crystal point forms on a side that together look like a lemurian light castle), they facilitate your connection with the divine and remind you that you are loved and part of the cosmic collective.

5) Record keepers: (shown as sacred geometry patterns edged on the sides of the crystal) these formations carry very specific information that the crystal releases when meeting with its keeper. If you’re drawn to a crystal with record keepers, don’t hesitate on getting it. It will probably unfold ancestral knowledge you’ve been waiting for. 

6) Channeler: (the main face has seven sides and there is a triangle directly behind) They are a great tool to access your higher self’s wisdom and connect with your guides in order to live according to your life’s purpose. They are commonly used for divine channeling and to deepen your intuition.

7)Twin flame or soulmate crystal: Look for two crystal points that are parallel to one another and are born from a single base. When one is smaller it’s often called twin and when they’re about the same size they’re called twin flame crystals. To me they can represent two different perspectives: on a personal level the connection in between the etheric and the physical following up with its balance. On a relationship level, this crystal can represent the “growing together” of an existing relationship or the crossing of paths for a future one, like a “soulmate calling”

8) Key: (hexagonal or angular shape edged on the crystal that looks sort of like a sacred geometry keyhole) this feels like a doorway to other dimensions waiting for the right key to activate them. I really enjoy placing a finger to it as a “key”, close my eyes and unlock the door of limitation. The crystals with keys can be very helpful on DNA activations that unfold during the self-awakening process.

9) Double terminated:(this crystal has point termination on both ends) this creates a free flow of energy, letting energy come in and out of the crystal body. Which may be helpful in “filtering the energy “ and getting rid of the negative aspects of that energy flowing. It can also help with balancing opposites. 

10) Manifestors/keikis: (smaller crystal points coming in or out of the main crystal point)
10a) outer manifestors: highlights the material type of manifestation in one’s life
10b) inner manifestors: refers to the spiritual, personal type of manifestation in one's life, such as self-realization, self-healing, self-empowerment.

11) Keikis (children): (they can also be considered manifestors if they cross the side of the main crystal, either growing inwards or outwards. Oftentimes, they are small crystal formations that lay down the side of the crystals -significantly smaller than dolphin formations) Keikis represent the pure, non-rational, innocent and unconditioned mind of the children. The unconditional love a mother and father has for their child is the energy that can be felt through this crystal’s keepers. Potentially promoting group stability within a family. 

12) Rainbow: (visible rainbows within the crystal structure) if you know us, you know we are rainbow hunters and lovers! The rainbows carry all the spectrum of colors, making the crystal a great tool to help balance all the different chakras.

13) Phantom: (3D phantom or ghost like crystal point shape inside of the body of the crystal) Oh man! These formations are so mesmerizing, I can get lost while watching them. They are very special and they feel very powerful. Phantoms can help you erase your judgment away and be able to see the big picture without a biased mind. In an early stage of interacting with this crystal, you might experience healing from past trauma (either this life or past lives). Once you establish a relationship with your past, they help you move to your next step towards healing it.As Phantoms  relate to divine balance and universal love they will encourage you to embrace your responsibility for contributing to raising the collective consciousness.

14) Isis face: (5 sided symmetrical main face, where the top part is a triangle, visually bigger than the base) Embellished with the utmost Divine feminine essence and her undeniable power. I feel it like a warrior who is covered in armor that is based on universal love when working with this crystal formation. Truly inspiring the majesty of a goddess presence.

15) Generator: (a crystal with six faces that when looking at it from above they meet in the exact center of the crystal, like a gang of triangles hugging each other) As their name indicates, they’re great generator tools or break points to leave behind what does not serve you anymore. Inspiring it’s keeper to start a new chapter! They’re masters of helping bring oneself to balance in a harmonious way.

16) Laser: (these crystals are longer than regular crystals, and most of the time thinner towards the point) great tools to direct energy to a specific area. Think of a crystal wand perhaps! They can be very helpful in sharpening your mind and focus your attention on what really matters in your life according to your soul’s calling and life purpose. 

17) Self healed: (these are marks on the crystals that were made during its formation, when the crystal broke at one point during the generation process but continued to heal the wound) I oftentimes find crystals where their self healed marks make a perfect thumb holders, making the crystal a perfect handheld instrument when using it for energy work. I see these marks similar to that of a Phoenix bird! This crystal can be a great tool to assist in the process of deep forgiveness. Coming as a reminder that anything can be healed and brought back to harmony.

18) Inclusions: (this occurs when the quartz has another crystal formation included on its body), in this case, the energy of the crystal itself is combined with the energy of the inclusion, creating combined properties. For your reference look up the inclusion’s properties to see what meaning this mixture represents. 

19) ET or rooted crystal: (a double terminated crystal where one end is a single point and the other is a group of very small point terminations) A very rare formation. I feel this crystal is a true representation of the starseeds work on this planet! They're a great tool to download interdimensional energies and root them within Mama Earth to help the acceleration of the planet’s energy.



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