What are Lemurian Crystals?




Some may say, the ancient civilization of Lemuria or “Land of Mu” was lost within the depths of the pacific ocean thousands of years ago. However, the essence of Lemuria can be channeled. Therefore, we acknowledge this consciousness to be alive and well! 

The resonance of Lemurian energy lives and breathes within the long lost friends that we cherish to be the Lemurian quartz crystal. To some, working with Lemurian crystals evoke a very intimate “homecoming” energy, sharing messages of where you’ve come from, surrendering to where you’re at, and inviting you to explore where you can go as a light being yourself!   

The Lemurian quartz crystal is among many physical tools that have been preserved by ascended beings, the Lemurians. These star seed warriors assist humanity as we descend into our divine union with self. This can be done by integrating the energy of these crystals into your own crystal energy bringing the self back into alignment. During a time where humanity is experiencing such heavy shifts, exploring lemurian energy can not only help raise our individual consciousness but unite the collective consciousness. 

We believe that Lemurians are a connection to nature and to ourselves. Reminding us of our connection to our ancestors and our families. This energy invites us to open our hearts and heal. As a result of this healing and unconditional love we can then truly bask in the oneness that exists within this beautiful journey we call, our life experience. 

With the utmost love we invite you to ponder and explore these sacred perceptions and messages. 

Mahalo Nui Loa, 

Until the very last Aloha ‘Āina. 


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