Ho'okupu of Gratitude to Mother Earth!

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In honor of Earth Day (4/22) being celebrated this month, we are ushering April in by sharing our team's "why" on the importance of gifting Ho'okupu (offerings) of Gratitude to Mother Earth! 

"Giving back to nature helps to provide a deeper understanding and knowledge between ourselves and Mother Earth, with this connection we can heal internally as well as externally as a collective." - Bronson 

Mother Earth has many names and faces. Some call her Mother Earth, Pachamama, Gaia, Papa (Native Hawaiian), Akna (Mayan), Papatūānuku (Maori), the list is infinite. The underlying belief is that Earth is a life-giving and nurturing motherly entity. She crosses many traditions, not confined to any one tradition, yet many cultures recognize that all life support here on earth starts with her and her gifts. 

"Our physical bodies are made up of her elements, and she sustains and supports us through the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, the food that we eat, and quite literally, the earth/ground that we walk upon.  By giving back to Earth Mother via ho’okupu, (offering) we are acknowledging, nurturing, honoring, and strengthening the sacred connection that we all, as Children of the Earth, inherently have." - Neewen

We believe that in order to maintain the Universal Law of Exchange, we as humans (children of the Earth) should allocate the same sacred energy Mother Earth grants us on a daily basis.

"I give back to the Earth to show gratitude for all she has given me. The Earth is my mother, & I am happy to reciprocate all the love and abundance she has given me through my energy, service, and offerings." - Lisa

Our intention this month is to invite our online 'Ohana to gift an Offering of Gratitude to our beloved planet the next time you stop and embrace all she offers us. Whether it is a crystal, prayer, chant, dance, or even a conscious & collective breath! This reciprocal exchange of energy will perpetuate her healing journey the same way she supports ours. 

"It is important to give back to earth because just as much as we are a part of earth, the earth is part of us. Giving love and gratitude to her helps us take one step closer to reaching our highest potential for ourselves, the earth, and everyone else." - Zoe

With the utmost love we invite you to ponder and explore these sacred perceptions and messages. 

Mahalo Nui Loa, 

Your Lemurian 'Ohana




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