Colombian Lemurian Quartz Crystal #324

Colombian Lemurian Quartz Crystal #324


Lemurians are said to hold the sacred knowledge, consciousness, and energy of the civilization of Lemuria. Working with these incredibly high vibrational crystals, which radiate unconditional love, can help you grow spiritually. Lemurians have striations (Akashic lines) on them that differentiate them from regular clear quartz crystals. A crystal full of hope, Lemurian quartz crystals help one's thought patterns expand so that one can acquire knowledge of the self and of the universe. Lemurians have a gentle, soothing, and peaceful energy, one that is reminiscent of the vast Pacific Ocean and of the love of the Divine Mother.

The resonance of Lemurian energy lives and breathes within the long-lost friends that we cherish to be the Lemurian quartz crystal. To some, working with Lemurian crystals evokes a very intimate "homecoming" energy, sharing messages of where you've come from, surrendering to where you're at, and inviting you to explore where you can go as a light being yourself!

Crystal formations included on this piece:

  • keys!!
  • mini dolphin!
  • large dolphin!

All of our Lemurians have been cleansed and connected to Mother Land before they depart for their new adventure.

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This information is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical.