Cleansing with Charcoal & Sacred Herbs/Resins

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The preservation of ancient cleansing practices are something that we hold at the utmost sacred level. We have incorporated an array of different sacred herbs & resins to pair with the burning of a charcoal disc to add to your cleansing rituals. Assuring that all herbs are honored by the homelands and cultures they come from, we have provided a deeper introduction to each herb! 


Sandalwood has been used for thousands of years, this herb is known for helping to bring people closer to the Divine. This fragrant plant has been widely venerated and used for spiritual purposes in places such as India, Tibet, Egypt, and China. Sandalwood can relax the body, encouraging one to be in the present moment. 


Myrrh Gum can be used ritualistically for purification, cleansing, and banishing negative entities and energies. It may also be soothing to the nervous system and may assist in relieving pain. 


Sage is a Native American tradition and should be treated as a sacred, spiritual ritual. Sage can neutralize the energy of a space, person, or crystal. It may promote healing and the dispelling of all negative energies. Smudging can purify the air and is a spiritual tool known for enhancing intuition and the letting go of emotions that no longer serve. 


Copal, a tree resin was revered by indigenous peoples, such as the Mayans and Aztecs, of Central and South America. There are Native American tribes that still use copal today in sweat lodge ceremonies, and in Guatemala, it is burned to bless and sanctify holy items. Copal was burned and inhaled ceremonially in rituals to purify space, induce trance, and promote connection to the Divine, the spirit realm, and the ancestors.


Frankincense, which is a resin from the Boswellia tree, has been used as an incense and for perfumes since ancient times. Today, frankincense is also utilized in the form of essential oils and is believed to help with inflammation, may help improve blood pressure, may help strengthen the immune system, may help with pain relief, may help with arthritis, and may be beneficial for one’s health in many more ways. This frankincense is sourced from India.


We invite you to broaden your understanding of cleansing modalities, while honoring each with utmost honor. Keeping in mind, this information is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical, as well as, all  products come within packaging and with labels that are 100% compostable!

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