Reconnecting to Our Sacred Waters

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Within an array of indigenous groups around the world water has always been seen as  a direct conductor of life itself. Here within the Hawaiian Kingdom there is a saying, “Ka Wai Ola”, the waters of life. The Hawaiian Culture is a great example on how one can ripple out the importance of water (wai) not only through a cognitive awareness but a mindful one. 

Mindfulness practices are becoming an integral part of a human’s maintenance on overall well-being. Testimonies and reports are continually emerging to support the idea that internal negativity may be associated with physical and psychological pain. 

However, what could happen if we allocated positive intention not only towards self, but towards everything that surrounds our external environment? The positive intention studies of one researcher in particular, Dr. Masaru Emoto, and his team utilized music, sounds, affirmations, and verbal messages to measure the impact that this energy had on images of crystals within frozen water. (video experiment here). Photographs were taken of “beautiful crystal” images from the water that received positive intention opposed to the photos taken that endured heavy metal music and appeared to be disfigured and broken. 

Dr. Emoto attributed the importance of these experiments simply due to the fact that humans are made up of 70% water. He was a believer in the impact of positive intention shifting the trajectory of one’s experience. 

In a more recent study Dr. Emoto and his team asked a group of participants to offer prayers of gratitude dedicated to a container of water some 5,000 miles away. The results reinforced the idea that “water treated with pleasant intentions” results in “more pleasing crystal shapes” than water that did not receive this treatment (Radin et al., 2006).

More and more we are reminded of the invaluable resource that is “ka wai ola!” Our bodies are 70% water, and our bodies utilize it in many ways. We use it to regulate our body temperature; lubricate joints, tendons, and muscles; dissolve minerals and other nutrients so they may be transported throughout the body, along with oxygen, to our cells; carry waste products, toxins, and gasses from our cells to our lungs, kidneys, liver, and skin for removal from the body; moisten tissues of our eyes, lips, mouth, and digestive system; and remove waste products from our digestive tract. We drink water, we clean ourselves and our environment with it, and we even breathe small amounts of it as vapor in the air. 

Human life is dependent on water.

We invite you, our Crystal 'Ohana, to embark on reconnecting to YOUR sacred waters within. Setting not only positive intention for self but positive prayer and gratitude towards life itself! 

Whether that means starting your days in prayer, in nature, journaling, letting out all the tears, or in some cases setting sacred intention through the waters you intake.

 Of QUARTZ, we had to make space for Lemuria Crystal Water Bottles for our 'Ohana!

These divine water bottles can not only charge the water you intake daily, but you can customize the elements you put inside of the bottle itself! Each bottle will come with a pack of either Amethyst, Tigers Eye, Rose Quartz, or Lapis Lazuli crystal chips, but you're not limited to just that! 

For example, some of our team members have added rose petals, small Lemurian quartz points, & other dried herbs to their bottles! Our intention on creating these bottles was to enhance an everyday task like drinking water into an intentional, activating, & sacred practice! 

Our crystal water bottles are a great outlet to set the stage for you and your waters to further your sacred connection. Inviting the energy from the crystals to become in sync with your water is a powerful way to code that energy into your daily life. 

Eia ka wai la, he wai e ola

Here is the water, the water of life

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