Phantom Amethyst Properties


We often say that the amethyst crystal is like the “tylenol” of crystals. She has the capacity to enhance, alleviate, and to breathe so much life and nourishment into our crystalline bodies, energies our crystalline bodies yearn for. However, when we integrate the Phantom Amethyst into the conversation, the sacred energetic potency spikes! 

We honor phantom amethysts with high Manō (shark) energy. Phantom Amethyst admirer Racu shares, “this crystal exudes a very powerful Ku (divine masculine) energy as an extension of a light worker’s wand. There is something very shamanic about working with the phantom amethyst that I have grown to honor within my daily practice.” Similar to these powerful animals these crystals are often seen as the keepers and guardians of the ocean.

Soul sister Emi shares, “my first interaction with the Phantom Amethyst was during a cleanse at the ocean where I held it in the sand and then submerged in the water. Intuitively, I then held the crystal up to the sun and saw rays of light shooting out from the point reaching the atmosphere, going around the globe, and then coming back.”

There aren't many times in a human’s life where holding a crystal truly encapsulates what it feels like to hold a light warrior’s wand. This experience can be very similar to Lemurian energy in that regard. The shape, the essence, and the overwhelming power you feel when holding a phantom amethyst invites us all to breathe life into our individual majesty.

Keepers of the phantom amethyst are seen to play a very important role in the ascension of our global and cosmic frequency. Utilizing this crystal as a sacred tool to remember the power we all carry can be life changing, especially during the times of change that we are all navigating now. The phantom amethyst allows us to stand firm in our contribution to shifting the vibration of our planet for the highest possible outcome and timelines. 

This crystal is pivotal. You are pivotal. We are pivotal in the realignment of what it means to be keepers of the sacred. 

With the utmost love we invite you to ponder and explore these sacred perceptions and messages. 

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Mahalo Nui Loa, 

Until the very last Aloha ‘Āina.