About Us

About Us

All it took was one gifted Lemurian Quartz Crystal and Emi and Racu knew they had to answer the call.

After cultivating a deep love (Aloha), respect (Mahalo), and honor (Hanohano) of the power (Mana) of ‘Āina (the Land, the Earth) in their home country of Argentina, Emi and Racu were called to the Hawaiian Kingdom.

What began as selling handmade jewelry and crystals from a humble stand at farmer's markets on the island of O'ahu in 2015 grew into their first shop in Waialua, a small pocket of good energy emanating from the back of a community thrift store.

Lemuria Crystal Shops now stand as two pillars of light, providing sacred crystals, sound healing, and an array of various healing modalities within the communities of Haleʻiwa and Kailua. The ʻOhana (Family) of Lemuria Crystal Shops is dedicated to offering tools of healing, as well as to providing a sacred space for people to come and experience Mother Earth's beauty and majesty through her crystals.

By honoring the ancestral Mana (Supernatural or Divine Power) of Hawaiʻi, we know that it is a part of our Kuleana (Responsibility) to give offerings to this ʻĀina (Land) as often as we can. Acknowledging the potency of our crystal companions, we implement sacred cleansing practices daily. Our ʻOhana (Family) is dedicated to maintaining the highest integrity of every crystal on our shelves. Our hope is that by honoring Mother Nature in her purest form, we can contribute Light and Aloha to the pursuit of the collective healing of Humanity and Mother Earth Herself. 

Mahalo Nui Loa for this crossing of our paths, and may we always honor you as the Light Warrior that you are.


Until the very last Aloha ‘Āina.