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Crystals - of quartz I use them! 

Big, small, smooth, jagged. All different shapes and sizes. Different colors and properties. I've been growing my collection for over a year and when I tell people that I have crystals or that there is currently a crystal in my pocket, some of them look at me like I am crazy (maybe I am). Other people think they're interesting and beautiful. To each their own, ya know. 

Crystals, rocks, gemstones. They're made of minerals from the Earth. The living, breathing, energetic Earth. They've been growing for millions of years and, just like humans and plants are full of powerful energies, they are too. They all have different metaphysical properties and can be used in all kinds of ways. Pretty cool, huh? 

People have literally been using crystals for thousands of years. Lapis Lazuli was used in ancient Egypt in burial ceremonies. Ancient Greeks rubbed crushed Hematite on themselves before battle to become "invincible", and Jade is precious in Chinese culture. I mean, just take a look at your jewelry or class ring. I bet you have some kind of crystal or birthstone in your collection. My birthstone happens to be Amethyst, and as a Pisces, Amethyst is used for intuition and spirituality -- it brings out those Pisces qualities, just as yours will bring out your zodiac sign's qualities. The majority of married women wear a diamond on their finger, which is the hardest most durable gemstone. It symbolizes commitment and that marriage is forever. Crystals are everywhere and all have meaning behind them!

But you don't just have to wear them as jewelry, you can keep tumbled stones in your pocket to help you through the day with challenges you may face, or you can use crystals around your home. An example would be keeping black tourmaline by your front door to keep out negative energy or shungite by your TV to help with all of those electromagnetic frequencies when binge watching Netflix. When I went on a month long road trip, I kept malachite in the car because it's a powerful protection stone. When I arrived in Hawaii and started interviewing for jobs, I kept a blue kyanite with me to help keep my throat chakra open so I didn't accidentally stumble over my words. 

You can also use crystals during rituals. They can help open blockages in your chakras when used during meditation or energy healing. They can also be a powerful tool for manifesting intentions. You just have to "program" your crystal with a certain intention. A great time to do this is during a New Moon ritual or at the beginning of a yoga class. Then, anytime you see it, touch it, or use it during a meditation or class, that intention is being manifested through your thoughts and the crystal's energy.


One of the best ways that crystals are being used for is self-care. If you haven't seen a jade or rose quartz facial roller, you must be living under a rock . You roll the crystal across your face for a lymphatic massage that helps release toxins making your complexion look like you don't live off of 5 hours of sleep and a gallon of coffee a day. Seriously, Ladies. I cannot stress this enough. Self-care rituals are the most important thing you can do for you and your health. In a time of women empowerment and GRL PWR, we need to be at our best. So light a candle, grab a rose quartz, and soak in the tub to de-stress because you’re a queen. 

You can literally use crystals in every aspect of your life from home decor to spiritual healing and I've made a list of my top 5 favorite crystals (at the moment) that help me on a daily basis. 

  1. Amethyst: spiritual growth, balance, calming  My birthstone. I used to despise the color purple growing up as a tomboy and every time someone got me a birthstone gift, I'd be like WHY must it be PURPLE? Now, at 26, I love it. It's gorgeous and I especially love my raw amethyst. Like I said earlier, it brings out my Pisces qualities by facilitating my intuition and spirituality. It's the crystal you can never have too much of! 
  2. Rose Quartz: emotional healing, opens the heart to love and compassion It's all about L-O-V-E. We all need more of it. This is a great stone for self-love: something many women struggle with on a daily basis. With a world that seems to be in perpetual chaos, this stone helps me remember how important it is to give love and compassion to everyone, including myself. It's the most beautiful shade of millennial pink and you can't help but have loving thoughts when you look at it. 
  3. Celestite: brings angels near, restful sleep, serenity This was a stone that I had my (third) eye on for a while. I've always had crazy dreams, a lot of them being nightmares, and I can't always sleep through the night. I keep this gorgeous light blue crystal on my nightstand and I sleep like a cosmic baby. I still have dreams, but none have been frightening. They actually seem to be more vivid and I can remember the dreams for longer -- perfect for a dream journal! 
  4. Green Calcite: positive energy, cleanses blockages, enhanced communication  This crystal is all about the positive vibes. Green is my favorite color and my Green Calcite is the perfect light, minty green. I use it to help with all kinds of anxiety that bubbles up in my life. If my anxiety is high, my communication is low. I jumble words, lose my train of thought, and have brain fog. None of which are good when you're trying to work or write!  This crystal helps me get rid of blockages and remain positive while working through emotions. 
  5. Fluorite: clarity, focus, decision making We're all faced with so many choices and decisions. If I'm ever confused or unsure of something, I meditate with my rainbow fluorite point. My creativity comes in spurts. I'll have a bunch of ideas all at once and I get overwhelmed and unorganized trying to figure all of them out at once. Fluorite is a great stone to have when you seek clarity and focus with projects, life, or work. 

So, are you intrigued? of quartz you are! (lol, too much?) Now I bet you're wondering where you can find some of your own...

You have come to the right place! Lemuria has an amazing selection of crystals to choose from. Walking into a crystal shop can sometimes feel overwhelming. I always encourage people starting their crystal journey to walk in with the intention of finding exactly what they need. Coming in with a list and game plan is fine, but more often than not, the crystals will call to you. When someone is having difficulties choosing a crystal, I always tell them to let their intuition guide them. If that task seems daunting, walk in and go straight for the desert rose selenite. Hold it by your heart and clear your head of any expectations. Desert rose connects your crown chakra to your heart chakra so you can get out of your chatty mind and choose crystals from your heart. 

Anything else you need to know before you run Lemuria? 

Just one last thing... Most crystals, with the exception of a few, need to be cleansed fairly often depending on how you're using them. There are many ways to do this but a really easy way is to smudge them with sage or leave them outside during the Full Moon. You can wake up the next morning and bring your cleansed and charged crystals inside all ready to go! 

So, do crystals have metaphysical properties that can help heal and cleanse your life? I believe you get out what you put in. Believing that something beautiful created by the Earth can help you heal is all up to you. Healing plants grow from the same Earth where crystals are formed, and yet, no one gives you a crazy look when you rub an aloe plant all over your sunburned body. Crystals can be powerful tangible and visual tools to manifest intentions to help you live your best life. If I were you, I wouldn't take them for granite! 


written by Ann Beverly.

About the Author: During the week you can find Ann at Lemuria’s Kailua location! She has been with Lemuria since 2018 and enjoys learning and writing about crystals, astrology, and all things spiritual. In her free time you can find her at the beach or hanging out with her dog, Ellie. 

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