Divine Motherhood + Nature's Companions

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Too often our society overlooks the M A N A and sacred Kuleana Mothers offer to our world DAILY. Whether that Mana exists within the Divine Beings we get to call Mothers or within the Divine Energy that is housed within our Mother Earth & Planet. 

In honor of Celebrating Divine Motherhood this month we invite you to connect deeper to the energetic essence of Motherhood through nature and a few of her companions she has to offer us that can support Queen Mamas!

When it comes to crystal companions, Moonstone & Ruby are the first that come to mind! Moonstone can be a great tool to offer healing & empowering energy to the sacred body of the Feminine. As well as ushering in “new beginnings'', Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. This kind of assistance can calm emotional instability and stress, through stabilizing the emotions, providing calmness. Like Moonstone, Ruby may offer Unconditional Love that can feel like the love of a powerful Mother while lighting the fire within to motivate us to keep going! This potent reminder of the fire that runs through the belly & womb space of the Feminine is shown through the Ruby's soft yet powerful ruby red presence. 


All in all, connecting with the lands that nourish you, the earth that supports you, and the mother figures that hold you are what we are setting forth this month. The Divine Feminine essence is on a beautiful rise and we are ALL rising with her!


E Ola! 

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